My favourite library podcasts

I don’t know about you, but I love podcasts.

Other than reading, listening to podcasts is my favourite way to pass time while commuting to work or university. Most days, I am able to finish one or two podcasts during my travels, so I listen to my fair share!  Lately, I’ve been moving away from my usual true crime fare and toward library related podcasts.

There are many entertaining library podcasts out there and I’ve found that several do double duty. In addition to being a great way to pass some time, many library focused podcasts are a great way to learn a bit about what’s going on in libraries around the world, making them a useful professional development tool.

To that end, I thought I’d share a few of my favourites here. Most of them are library focused, hence the title of the blog.  My apologies to the ‘GAMRers’ in GLAMR!

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#1lib1ref: How one information professional can make a big difference

Earlier this year (January 15 – February 3) #1lib1ref was the focus of a great deal of engagement and retweeting from those of us in GLAMR.

#1lib1ref is an initiative where by information professionals of all persuasions commit to updating or adding one reference to a Wikipedia page.  In a post-truth world where reliable information can be hard to find amid a sea of less than reputable sources, #1lib1ref puts power in the hands of information professionals to be positive forces for change in their communities (even really big ones like ‘everyone who uses the internet to access Wikipedia’).

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January #glamblogclub

After my last blog post I received a tweet from the very awesome Hugh Rundle mentioning #glamblogclub.

Before Hugh’s tweet, I’m ashamed to say, I wasn’t aware of Glam Blog Club.  Despite being very jealous that I can’t attend New Cardigan events in person (but grateful for the Cardi Cast podcast!), Glam Blog Club hadn’t blipped my radar – probably because I’m so new at this whole blog thing.

Regardless, I’ve decided to tackle the January prompts (there are two to choose from!): ‘what I learned in 2016’ and ‘what I want to learn in 2017’.  I figured I’d write briefly on both topics. Continue reading January #glamblogclub

Course spotlight: Gaming in Libraries via Library Juice Academy


Last week I blogged a list of MOOCs that GLAM folk might find useful.  This week I thought I’d share an online course called ‘Gaming in Libraries’ delivered through Library Juice Academy during March that I am very excited to take.

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Catching up on the 2016 ALIA Qld Mini Conference

… or ‘How I ‘attended’ the 2016 ALIA Qld Mini Conference last week thanks to the wonders of technology!’

Back in October, ALIA Qld ran their Mini Conference focused on ‘library hacks‘.  I was very excited to go, but unfortunately as the day drew closer I realised I would be working and unable to attend.  I knew that ALIA Qld had streamed the event live on Facebook, but I hadn’t clicked that these streams would still be available to watch after the conference.

As luck would have it, I stumbled across the Mini Conference presentation slides uploaded to the ALIA Qld blog while doing a little research for my up coming Masters project last week and then found the videos on the ALIA Qld Facebook page (a very happy accident!). I made good use of the recordings and the blog material over the last days of my Christmas/New Year break.

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