I am an aspiring librarian currently studying a Master of Information Science (Library and Information Practice) at QUT, where I also work as a casual library adviser.  I completed a Bachelor of Justice at QUT in 2015, discovered a love of helping students develop their academic skill set in the first half of 2016 while working as a School of Justice sessional academic and enrolled in my masters in the second half of 2016 to professionally pursue this interest.  Like most, I suppose I had a pretty weird path into librarianship.  But now, there is no where else I’d rather be!

While I came to my masters with a pretty narrow interest focused on academic libraries and academic skill development, my studies have been eye opening and I now have a lot of GLAM related interests including the gamification of learning in libraries, gaming in libraries, the role of libraries in supporting the community and growing social justice, how libraries can facilitate information and digital equality, research support and open data.

I also have a keen interest in archives, particularly in relation to digital preservation and preserving born digital content.  I am hoping to learn more about this through my professional placement in 2017 and via electives in my degree.

Outside of all things library I am a keen gamer – when I have time I like to tinker on Twine and learn about game design.  I keep a blog called ‘Kylie learns how to make games‘ where I talk about some of the MOOCs I’m doing related to game design or game development – my dream is to one day be able to make games as a hobby and creative outlet for myself.  The road to that destination is a long way away, but you’ve gotta have a passion project!