MOOCs for GLAM folk

I am a big fan of MOOCs, I think being able to learn about things I’m interested in at my own pace, often for free, is pretty amazing.   Continue reading MOOCs for GLAM folk


Catching up on the 2016 ALIA Qld Mini Conference

… or ‘How I ‘attended’ the 2016 ALIA Qld Mini Conference last week thanks to the wonders of technology!’

Back in October, ALIA Qld ran their Mini Conference focused on ‘library hacks‘.  I was very excited to go, but unfortunately as the day drew closer I realised I would be working and unable to attend.  I knew that ALIA Qld had streamed the event live on Facebook, but I hadn’t clicked that these streams would still be available to watch after the conference.

As luck would have it, I stumbled across the Mini Conference presentation slides uploaded to the ALIA Qld blog while doing a little research for my up coming Masters project last week and then found the videos on the ALIA Qld Facebook page (a very happy accident!). I made good use of the recordings and the blog material over the last days of my Christmas/New Year break.

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